5 Best Datto Alternatives in 2024 (Pros and Cons)

5 Best Datto Alternatives in 2024: 1. Level 2. Atera 3. GoTo Resolve 4. NinjaOne 5. Nagios Core

Jacob Haug

Monday, July 1, 2024

5 Best Datto Alternatives in 2024 (Pros and Cons)

Datto offers remote monitoring and management tools that suit most IT systems.

However, Datto's features may not be the best option for a variety of reasons. And that’s why some companies might need to consider alternatives.

In this article, we explore the best Datto alternatives in 2024. Let’s get into which alternative best meets your IT team's needs.

Advantages of Datto


Datto offers an IT management platform and monitoring solutions. Let’s take a look at how it aims to ensure business continuity:

  • All-in-one solution: Datto allows various teams to access, monitor, and manage IT and cloud infrastructure remotely.
  • Secure system: The platform provides encryption, multi-factor authentication, and data security updates for data integrity and protection.
  • Real-time notifications: Another standout feature of Datto is its real-time alerts. This means IT teams can quickly respond to any issues to prevent any sort of damage.
  • Data recovery: The system also provides a data backup and recovery solution. This means your files can easily be recovered with its integrated data centers in cases of breach or disaster recovery.

Limitations of Datto

Despite its advantages, Datto also comes with limitations. Here are some of them:

Customer Support

Datto, now owned by Kaseya, suffers from the same notable limitations in its customer support. Businesses requiring immediate attention may find Datto’s customer support unresponsive.

Steep Learning Curve

Compared to other platforms, Datto might not be as user-friendly. This may be difficult for teams who are not as well-versed when it comes to IT management. The platform is also considered to be complicated to set up and difficult to manage.


Datto is also considered to be more expensive compared to some of its peers. Also, it is worth noting that Datto comes with hidden fees for support, maintenance, and setup that may increase total costs.

Long-Term Pricing Locks

If you're a company looking to try this software for a limited period, Datto may not be your best option. Datto only accepts multi-year agreements that can limit software mobility for your business.

Operating System Support

Datto was primarily created for Windows users. While it offers Mac and Linux support, it may not be as comprehensive as Windows. This is a crucial pain point for Max and Linux-based teams.

Lack of Frequent Updates

Software and services should always be up to date to prevent the latest issues and threats. This is one of Datto's pain points, as it is rarely updated for purposes of performance or optimization.

5 Best Datto Alternatives

If you're looking for Datto alternatives for your business, consider the following alternatives:



Level is a cutting-edge remote monitoring and management software. It's an ideal choice for IT teams seeking a user-friendly tool packed with extensive features. With seamless remote access and sophisticated automation, IT service delivery is guaranteed.

Level is a secure, browser-based platform compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It facilitates effortless device monitoring, backup, and management from any location.

Its customer support is also exceptional. Users are guaranteed they can receive immediate assistance if they have any issues or questions. 

Plus, Level doesn’t require a lock-in period, so you can use the comprehensive toolset for as long as you want.

Key features:

  • Level offers complete IT management capabilities such as remote monitoring, endpoint management, and automations.
  • Level gives detailed analytics, reports, and insights about your IT infrastructure.
  • It integrates encryption, multi-factor authentication, and consistent security updates to secure sensitive data protection and information.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Level has automatic updates to fix issues and ensure you have the latest version with new features.
  • It allows users to cancel anytime.

2. Atera

Atera is known for its virtual servers, which provide backups for data loss. It also has a dedicated team on standby to address any potential issues. Depending on the contract, it can support unlimited devices.

Key features

  • It has advanced automation and can streamline routine tasks and workflows to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate.
  • It is a reliable tool for those needing virtual machines.

3. GoTo Resolve

GoTo Resolve provides remote monitoring and IT support. The platform specializes in simplifying tasks and improving productivity with its feature set. This works best for managed service providers and IT teams.

Key features

  • It has a reliable customer support team who can guide and troubleshoot issues immediately.
  • It automates routine tasks to save time and effort.
  • It integrates easily with other third-party tools to improve performance.
GoTo Resolve

4. NinjaOne

NinjaOne is known for its management and IT monitoring tools, which are suitable for small businesses. Its interface is neat and easy to use, which makes implementation easy. It also offers third-party integrations.

Key features:

  • NinjaOne offers real-time monitoring and management of your devices and networks.
  • It provides automated patch management to make sure that all systems are not outdated.
  • It is a cloud-based platform that allows its users to access the platform anytime and anywhere.

5. Nagios Core

Nagios Core is a great alternative for those looking for a budget-friendly platform. Its asset management solutions quickly adapt to various businesses, and it has large community support.

Key features

  • Nagios Core manages and monitors networks, systems, and applications to ensure they work efficiently.
  • It sends alerts and notifications when issues arise so IT teams can quickly respond.
  • It uses several plugins to improve its capabilities.
Nagios Core

Criteria For Selecting Datto Alternatives

If you are looking for Datto alternatives, consider several factors:

Features and Functionality

Identify the features and functionalities essential for your business. These may include automation, comprehensive reports and analytics, strong security measures, and mobile device management.

Next, evaluate the features and capabilities provided by various platforms and compare them. This analysis can help you save money by avoiding tools that do not fulfill your business requirements.

Ease of Use

IT management and monitoring tools need to be user-friendly. A complicated user interface can often demotivate users and decrease productivity. Seek a tool with an intuitive and easy-to-set-up interface. 

Reading user reviews can provide valuable insights into their experiences with the tool.

Additionally, ensure that the tool offers training and resources to help your team members get up to speed quickly.


Determine the payment option that best suits your business, then compare the pricing models of different tools. Some tools provide a one-cost pricing system, while others are dependent on the number of users of features.

See which tool is the most cost-effective while still providing all the features and functionalities your business requires.


When searching for the ideal IT monitoring and management tool, always keep your business's future in mind. The next backup and recovery tool should be capable of supporting your business's expansion and growth needs.

Ensure that the tool can manage an increasing number of users and devices without compromising efficiency and performance. Additionally, verify if it offers flexible pricing options to accommodate your business's growth.

Customer Support

An outstanding customer experience is another crucial factor that significantly impacts your business. 

Verify if the tool offers multiple support options, such as live chat, phone support, and additional resources. A responsive customer support team can quickly address any issues as they occur.

Integration Capabilities

Make sure that the selected tools can be integrated with the third-party tools your business uses. Consider tools that provide a range of integration capabilities or APIs that allow for custom connection. 

This feature will help your team create workflows or continue with tools they already have.

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FAQs About Datto Alternatives

Do Datto alternatives cater to accidental deletion?

Most alternatives provide a cloud-based data center for accidental deletion, data corruption, or recovery of already deleted files.

What are the common advanced features that my system should have?

Among the more advanced features would be ransomware protection or screenshot verification. This can assist in improving the overall security of your system.

How do Datto alternatives ensure AI-powered data security?

Many Datto alternatives incorporate AI-powered data security measures, such as real-time threat detection, automated response systems, and intelligent data analytics. These advanced features help protect your IT infrastructure from evolving cyber threats.

Are enterprise backup solutions available with Datto alternatives?

Yes, many alternatives offer a robust enterprise backup solution designed to handle large-scale data environments. This solution provides comprehensive data protection, including continuous backups, secure storage, and a flexible recovery point.

Can Datto alternatives provide a reliable backup service for small and medium-sized businesses?

Absolutely. Many alternatives offer scalable backup services tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. 

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