Level vs. Pulseway: Which RMM Software is the Best?

In this article, we'll compare Level vs. Pulseway, highlighting their key features, pricing, and more.


Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Level vs. Pulseway: Which RMM Software is the Best?

As remote and hybrid businesses become the primary trend, the need for reliable remote monitoring and management (RMM) software becomes crucial. 

A well-run IT operation has a robust RMM solution, network monitoring, expert support, and swift issue resolution.

In this article, we'll compare Level vs. Pulseway, highlighting their key features, pricing, and more to help you choose which platform best suits your needs.

Overview of Level vs. Pulseway

Below, we'll provide an overview of how both platforms work, including discussing their functionalities and unique features.

What is Level?


Level's modern RMM solution is packed with a comprehensive feature set. With this platform, secure connections are established directly between devices, eliminating middlemen and keeping asset management private and secure.

Wherever you are, Level’s robust mobile support and customizable session permissions provide you with unmatched control and flexibility. Add in time-saving automation tools, a powerful API, and seamless background management, and you have a comprehensive solution for maximizing IT productivity.

What is Pulseway?


Pulseway’s mobile app works best for managing and monitoring various systems remotely. This platform creates a centralized and intuitive interface that makes for easy accessibility. 

Moreover, the platform is loaded with features such as real-time monitoring, automated patch management, and lightning-fast remote access. It also has extensive customer support and workflow systems to navigate your overall operations.

Head-to-Head Features Comparison

Here, we'll examine how the common features of both platforms complement each other.

Multi-Device Access

Level and Pulseway have features that support mult-device and cross-platform use. For Level, you can access company desktops or servers from any location. This is ideal, especially if you are looking for mobile support operations.

For Pulseway, it also provides mobile access for teams. However, it has limited support for Mac and Linux platforms. Pulseway mainly provides comprehensive coverage for Windows devices.

Unattended Access

Whether you're dealing with routine maintenance or continuous deployment, Level streamlines the process by enabling automatic logins to devices.

Pulseway also supports unattended access but is often criticized for being slow to update, which can affect its efficiency.

RMM Functionality

Level offers RMM capabilities that go beyond ordinary market offerings. Among its basic features are proactive monitoring, real-time alerting, and a comprehensive device management system. Level's remote control functionality improves operational efficiency, reduces downtime, and makes sure that all devices are performing.

While Pulseway provides RMM features, it is often seen as less comprehensive than more specialized tools like Level. With this shortcoming, the system may not be able to handle all aspects of IT management, leading to potential gaps in coverage.

Advanced Patching Functionality

Level provides an automated patch management system that deploys updates and maintenance compliance for all systems. Automatically tackling vulnerabilities and patch management effectively closes any vulnerabilities.

Pulseway’s patching capabilities, while functional, can be less effective due to the platform's slow update cycle. When updates lag, IT teams face potential ticket issues with their operations.

Pricing and Plans

It is worth noting that both Level and Pulseway offer free trials that can be useful for those interested in a hands-on experience before fully committing to any system.

In terms of pricing, Level offers a range of pricing plans that start at $2/endpoint/month. It has a minimum total billing requirement of at least $20 per month. The value for money is generally good considering the flexibility and customization options available.

On the other hand, Pulseway starts at $67 per month for 20 endpoints. The cost is relatively high for the features that it offers. It may not be the best option for some organizations, especially when much more comprehensive solutions like Level are present.

Customer Support and Resources

Level is great in terms of providing multiple channels to accommodate any support request. Its channels include a phone, email, and a live support chat. The response time is considered generally fast and the team is likewise helpful for any concerns. Additionally, they provide a resource pool and user-friendly tutorials.

Pulseway on the other hand provides various channels for support. This is ideal if your team is looking for quick fixes or solutions. They have tutorials and resource materials that cover various topics.

However, users frequently cite slow customer support response times as a significant pain point, which can delay issue resolution and impact overall satisfaction.

Final Verdict

Level and Pulseway rise to the challenge with comprehensive RMM solutions that offer an impressive array of features.

What sets Level apart is its extensive feature set. It is precisely tuned to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, addressing the entire spectrum of remote desktop management requirements. Additionally, Level focuses on delivering exceptional customer experiences by pairing smooth platform integration with robust RMM capabilities.

Pulseway, despite its advantage of a strong mobile app, faces several challenges, including slow customer support, delayed updates, and higher costs.

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FAQs About Level Pulseway

What features should I look for in RMM software?

RMM software that includes real-time monitoring, automated patch management, and secure access. You can also select customizable reporting and multi-layered security to protect your network.

Is it necessary to have the technical expertise to use an RMM product?

While some technical knowledge is beneficial, many RMM tools are designed with a user-friendly web interface and comprehensive support resources. This is to help users operationalize their IT environments effectively.

Who has better customer support features?

Level generally has faster and more responsive customer support than Pulseway. The latter is known for its slower response time and can be challenging to navigate due to its complexity.

Level: Simplify IT Management

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