Remote device management. Right in your browser.

Level gives you the flexibility and security to manage, monitor, and control your devices from anywhere in the world.

Managing your devices has never been so effortless.

Level is simple. Its intuitive and instinctive design allows you to hit the ground running. Your time is valuable, don't waste it on configuring and setting up devices.

Discover, organize, and filter thousands of devices

Save time by instantly searching for devices by name or IP. You can also filter by device type, operating system, OS version, and more.

Group devices by department, building, or a custom scheme of your own choosing. Groups keep like devices together and instantly accessible. Flag devices to remind you of future maintenance tasks.

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Current, accurate, and detailed device information

Our system is invariably accurate and advanced, providing detailed information about your devices instantaneously. We also indicate when a user is on a device, so you know if it is appropriate to perform maintenance or if you should delay an update.

Level allows you to better understand the device you are working with by providing the device's up-to-date CPU, memory, and disk usage. You can also check when the device was last restarted, its location, or view its latency, uptime, and downtime.

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Manage devices without controlling them

Level allows you to work behind the scenes without disturbing the end-user. You can view system information, access the terminal, browse the file system, and upload or download files all without remotely controlling the device.

You can also manage running processes and kill processes, view installed programs, uninstall programs, and manage startup processes, all without remoting into the device. (coming soon)

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Strong security engineered from the ground up

Level is designed with security as our top priority. All traffic and sessions are in compliance with the latest encryption standards. You can require 2FA for all your users as well as restrict logins to specific IP addresses.

Remote control sessions are fully peer-to-peer and encrypted end-to-end. Your data never flows through our servers and cannot be decrypted by anyone other than the clients involved. This gives you the respect and privacy you require.

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Control and manage devices efficiently and securely.

You'll be amazed how fast and intuitive remote management can be.

Cross platform by design

Level was designed to work with the OS your users prefer, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. No need for separate tools. Bring your own device and we'll meet you where you're at.

Auto updating agent

We automatically update all your agents, eliminating the need for you to modify all of them whenever a new update comes along. We want to make sure you are always secure and up to date with the latest features.

Lightning fast device setup

We have scripts to help you deploy our agent across your entire infrastructure. You can use group policy, Ansible, Python, and more. It’s that easy—really!

Simple yet intuitive interface

Level is easy. You won't have to study the documentation for weeks to learn how to make it work. We are instinctive and intuitive so you can be efficient and informed.

Designed for professionals

Engineered by industry professionals. Built by IT professionals, for IT professionals. We know what you need and this was designed with you, a power user, in mind.

Dark mode? We have that too

Light or dark mode, it's your choice. We aim to please. Set your preference for comfort and ease of use.

Seamless remote access without a software install.

Manage and control devices directly from your browser. No software install needed on your system.

Innovative, secure, and fully encrypted peer-to-peer connections

This is the heart of our product. A peer-to-peer connection means there is nothing between you and the device you are controlling. This reduces latency and improves performance.

Our system is designed with security in mind. All sessions are fully encrypted end-to-end. Our top priority is ensuring you and your data are respected and protected.

See and do more from your sidebar

There's no need to switch back and forth to view system information because Level allows you to work from the sidebar while the device screen remains visible. Work in the console, view the file system, upload and download files—All from the sidebar.

You can also view and manage running processes or view installed applications and uninstall them. Your time is valuable, and we want to add to that value. (coming soon)

Be in control of your level of control

Level allows you to choose between four modes of control. This means you can decide what level of control is needed to best resolve an issue.

Choose between View Only or Shared Control to either observe or equally share control of a device. Using Absolute Control, only you have the ability to control the device and Curtain Mode disables the end-user's screen, keyboard, and mouse so they cannot see what you are doing or interfere.

A wide range of support for any remote operating system

Remote management the way it should be.

We have consulted with IT professionals to bring you a system that will be a new industry standard. It's everything you want and need in a management tool.

No need to actually remote control a device to manage it. Jump straight into managing processes and installing applications. Do it seamlessly all from your browser.

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