Streamline IoT Management with Level

Harness a centralized platform that simplifies your IoT operations, ensuring robust monitoring, security, and real-time automation, all accessible from anywhere.

Smart IoT Management Solutions

Empower IoT Operations with Streamlined Management

Maximize your IoT operations with our comprehensive suite, combining real-time device oversight, automated workflows, and collaborative team functionalities.

Device inventory

Track and manage your IoT devices with dynamic, real-time visibility across the entire network, ensuring you have complete and up-to-date asset intelligence.

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Centralized management

Seamlessly manage your IoT devices from a single dashboard, offering a unified view and control across all connected environments for streamlined operations.

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Enhanced Scripting Capabilities

Elevate your IoT device management with powerful scripting tools, offering support for multiple languages to execute complex tasks and streamline device operations.

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Background management

Utilize our platform's robust remote capabilities for background management, including file transfers, terminal access, and process adjustments, without interrupting device functionality.

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Patch management

Keep your systems secure and up-to-date with automated patch deployment across your entire device landscape.

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Monitoring and alerting

Stay ahead of issues with proactive monitoring and real-time alerts, minimizing downtime and maintaining performance.

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Enhance Your IoT Management Capabilities with Versatile Support

Enhance your IoT operations with our platform's support for a broad range of devices, from Raspberry Pis to devices on ARM architecture, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Linux is given top-tier support to stand out in IoT device management. Additionally, our platform is compatible with the latest developer tools like the Windows Developer Kit.

Microsoft Windows

Streamline IoT Efficiency

Innovate with Streamlined IoT Management

Simplify your IoT management with ease. Real-time asset management, automated patching, and extensive scripting support for a range of IoT devices.

Simplify IoT management

Simplify the complexity of IoT systems. Equip your teams with specialized tools for robust device management, from real-time monitoring to advanced security protocols, all through a user-friendly interface.

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Centralized IoT device management consolidates your ecosystem, enhancing visibility and control.

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Seamlessly manage IoT devices across all environments, with unified oversight from edge to cloud.

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Implement reliable, automated updates for consistent IoT device integrity and strengthened security.

Level Device Overview
Level Alert History

Proactive Monitoring, Tailored for IoT

Imagine having a sixth sense for IT health — that's what Level's proactive monitoring offers. It's like having an expert watching over your networks 24/7, ready to act at the first sign of trouble.

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Real-time alerts ensure you're always in the know about your IoT devices' status.

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Automated remediation means you're solving problems, even while you sleep

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Customizable monitoring adapts to the specific demands of your IoT architecture.

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Maintain optimal device performance with strategies aimed at minimizing resource usage.

Increased efficiency with automations

Our automation capabilities at Level are not just about doing things faster; they're about freeing up your team to innovate. Automation turns routine tasks into background processes.

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Convert routine IoT device checks into smooth, automated operations.

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Accelerate problem-solving with custom-built automations tailored for your IoT devices.

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Implement no-code, cross-platform automations effortlessly for diverse IoT devices.

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Initiate responsive automations for IoT events, including device tagging, group updates, or new device integrations.

Level Automations
Level Device List Groups

Fortified for IoT Security

Ensuring the security of your IoT devices is critical. Our platform applies rigorous security measures to safeguard your IoT operations with the highest data protection and compliance levels.

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Enforce robust encryption for all device connections, protecting data transfer within your IoT ecosystem.

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Benefit from peer-to-peer (P2P) networking, reducing exposure and enhancing direct communication security.

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Enforce mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of defense against unauthorized access.

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Apply IP restrictions to control and monitor network access, ensuring only authorized personnel can interact with your systems.

IoT Workflow Enhancements

Make your workflow better, faster, and stronger

Dive into the forefront of IoT management excellence. Our platform is precision-engineered to boost your IoT team's efficiency, optimizing every process to harness the full potential of your IoT assets.


Significant time reclaimed

Automations in IoT tasks save countless hours, freeing up your team to innovate and tackle more strategic initiatives.


Increased device throughput

By streamlining IoT device management, our automations double the efficiency of operations, enhancing output significantly.


Faster device deployment

Utilize our advanced tools and proactive support to slash device deployment and management cycles, speeding up your IoT operations.


Greater satisfaction rates

Commitment to smooth IoT operations and device reliability means satisfaction with your IoT deployment will soar to new levels.

Level Automations

IoT Experts Worldwide Rely on Level

Discover why top IoT professionals globally trust Level for robust device management and seamless automation.

Bascom Logistics

"Level gives us the power for only a few technicians to manage hundreds of endpoints from anywhere in the world with real-time insight."

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"Our transition to a fully remote workspace was streamlined thanks to Level. This platform excellently meets our needs for remote management and endpoint monitoring. Its straightforward installation and user-friendly interface are complemented by the exceptional support. Discovering Level has been a pivotal moment for our remote operations."

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"I can confidently say that Level is truly an all-in-one experience that delivers. Level boasts top-notch scripting capabilities, handles patch management efficiently, provides robust remote management tools, and, most importantly, it's regularly updated with new features, ensuring I'm always well-equipped for success."

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Grissom Tech

"After migrating 600 devices to Level, (with their easy PowerShell install script) we have started to use Level RMM much more than our previous RMM. Level just works. New releases happen frequently. The roadmap is very exciting and we can't wait for the Mobile App. 😀"

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"Level has brought us the multi-OS management software we need at a reasonable price. Level provides remote control, behind-the-glass support, patching, alerting, and scripting in a compact deployable agent. Its modern UI makes it easy to work with systems individually and in bulk. Definitely a key piece in our management stack."

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Rogers State University

"We’ve been using Level for over a year and have been impressed with our results. Our patching routines are more successful than they have been with past products that we have used. We have been especially pleased that Level has continuously improved the product and added features for a reasonable price."

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Trinity Basin Preparatory

"Our school district faced limitations with our on-prem remote assistance solution in recent years. After extensive research, we considered four potential alternatives, ultimately choosing Level for its user-friendly interface, pricing structure, and features. As a bonus, Level has been great with responding to suggestions and feedback!"

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Easton Utilities

"Level is such a breath of fresh air in the RMM space. The GUI looks clean, intuitive, modern and is very responsive. They have deployed new features at an impressive rate. We’ve had very helpful communication with their support team, and they are responsive and happy to talk about their roadmap and listen to our input."

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