Why make the switch to Level?

Switching to Level means equipping your team with a cutting-edge RMM designed for modern IT challenges. It's choosing clarity over complexity. Make the smart choice for your IT management; make the switch to Level.

Level Device Overview

Elevate your IT efficiency to the next level

Level's platform transforms the way IT departments manage and monitor their endpoints. Level is engineered to bring you a seamless, centralized command center for all your devices.

Level Inventory / Asset Management

Device inventory

Keep a real-time inventory of all hardware and software. Instant insights mean no device goes unnoticed.

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Centralized management

One dashboard, total control. Manage all endpoints with a few clicks, from anywhere at any time.

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Remote control

Address issues on-the-fly with robust remote access, ensuring business continuity with minimal disruption.

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Background management

Conduct behind-the-scenes maintenance. Update, repair, or manage without interrupting the end-user.

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Patch management

Stay ahead of vulnerabilities with automated patch deployments keeping systems secure and up-to-date.

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Monitoring and alerting

Proactive monitoring with instant alerts and automated remediation keeps your network healthy and secure.

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Support for nearly every device you can think of.

From desktops to servers, Raspberry Pis, and IoT gadgets, our platform supports nearly every device, ensuring comprehensive remote management.

Microsoft Windows

Level advantages

Revolutionize your IT operations with Level

Level transforms IT management into a seamless and efficient experience, blending simplicity with powerful innovation. It's a robust, secure, and intuitive platform that redefines device management and productivity for IT professionals. Level is not just a tool; it's your partner in reshaping IT operations.

Trial without sales pressure

Kick off your Level experience on your own terms. Get a firsthand look at our platform's capabilities with a trial that's all about discovery, not sales pitches.

Freedom from long-term contracts

Embrace the flexibility to adapt as your business does. Level is commitment-free, with no long-term contracts to hold you back.

All-inclusive pricing, no surprises

Our pricing is an open book, displayed clearly on our website. No hidden fees, no surprises—just straightforward, usage-based costs.

Expert support from engineers

Access support straight from the engineers who are building Level daily. When you reach out, you're speaking with the experts.

Continuous innovation

The tech landscape never stands still, and neither do we. Regular updates ensure you're equipped with the latest and greatest in IT management technology.


Your feedback shapes our platform. Your insights drive our platform forward. We listen, we learn, and we evolve—making sure Level is always in tune with your needs.


Make your workflow better, faster, and stronger

Embrace a new era of operational excellence. Level is meticulously crafted to enhance your IT department's efficiency, ensuring every minute and resource is optimized for maximum productivity.


Average manhours saved

Through automations, teams save an average of 600 man-hours, redirecting efforts to critical tasks and innovation.


Improved team efficiency

Streamlined processes and smart automations amplify IT operational efficiency, effectively doubling output.


Faster response times

Advanced tools and proactive support slash response times, making IT support faster than ever.


Customer satisfaction

With our commitment to reliability and service, customer satisfaction scores are soaring.

Level Automations


Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you.

Always know what you’ll pay. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime.

Pay as you grow


per device, per month


Remote control

Automation pipelines

Background management

Monitoring and alerting

Patch management


Asset and inventory tracking

Integrations and Public API

Strong security

+ many more...

We’ve helped hundreds of global businesses

Empowering IT departments worldwide, we've streamlined IT operations, enhancing productivity and fostering innovation across continents.

Bascom Logistics

"Level gives us the power for only a few technicians to manage hundreds of endpoints from anywhere in the world with real-time insight."

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"Our transition to a fully remote workspace was streamlined thanks to Level. This platform excellently meets our needs for remote management and endpoint monitoring. Its straightforward installation and user-friendly interface are complemented by the exceptional support. Discovering Level has been a pivotal moment for our remote operations."

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"I can confidently say that Level is truly an all-in-one experience that delivers. Level boasts top-notch scripting capabilities, handles patch management efficiently, provides robust remote management tools, and, most importantly, it's regularly updated with new features, ensuring I'm always well-equipped for success."

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Grissom Tech

"After migrating 600 devices to Level, (with their easy PowerShell install script) we have started to use Level RMM much more than our previous RMM. Level just works. New releases happen frequently. The roadmap is very exciting and we can't wait for the Mobile App. 😀"

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"Level has brought us the multi-OS management software we need at a reasonable price. Level provides remote control, behind-the-glass support, patching, alerting, and scripting in a compact deployable agent. Its modern UI makes it easy to work with systems individually and in bulk. Definitely a key piece in our management stack."

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Rogers State University

"We’ve been using Level for over a year and have been impressed with our results. Our patching routines are more successful than they have been with past products that we have used. We have been especially pleased that Level has continuously improved the product and added features for a reasonable price."

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Trinity Basin Preparatory

"Our school district faced limitations with our on-prem remote assistance solution in recent years. After extensive research, we considered four potential alternatives, ultimately choosing Level for its user-friendly interface, pricing structure, and features. As a bonus, Level has been great with responding to suggestions and feedback!"

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Easton Utilities

"Level is such a breath of fresh air in the RMM space. The GUI looks clean, intuitive, modern and is very responsive. They have deployed new features at an impressive rate. We’ve had very helpful communication with their support team, and they are responsive and happy to talk about their roadmap and listen to our input."

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Common questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please reach out to our team.

Does Level have any hidden fees, such as onboarding or setup charges?

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No. Transparency is key to our billing philosophy. There are no hidden fees with Level. We do not charge for onboarding or setup. Our pricing is straightforward: $2 per endpoint each month, with a minimum monthly charge of $20, ensuring you can plan your expenses without surprises.

How does billing work at Level?

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At Level, we've simplified billing to a straightforward, usage-based system. You're charged $2 per endpoint each month, ensuring you only pay for what you use. The invoice you receive is reflective of the previous month's peak device usage, and with our system's frequent checks on device counts, your billing remains accurate as your needs change. There's also a baseline minimum charge of $20 per month to cover essential service provision.

How do you calculate device usage?

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Device usage at Level is calculated based on the actual number of endpoints managed during a month. This number flexibly increases or decreases with your device count, and our billing system adapts accordingly. This means if your device management grows or shrinks, your bill adjusts in real-time, offering a scalable solution that matches your current needs. The minimum monthly threshold ensures that even smaller operations have full access to our robust platform.

Are there any contracts or lock-in periods with Level?

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No. We value flexibility and trust in our service, so we do not have contracts or lock-in periods. Our clients enjoy the freedom to use Level on a month-to-month basis, which aligns with our commitment to providing a service that consistently meets your needs without any long-term obligations.

Are there any special discounts?

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Yes, we are committed to supporting non-profit and government organizations in their efforts. Level offers a 10% discount to non-profits and government entities when they choose to pay annually for our services. This discount is part of our initiative to make our tools more accessible and affordable for organizations that are making a difference in our communities and serving the public interest.

Is there a free trial available?

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Yes, you can try us for free for 14 days. If you want, we’ll provide you with a free, personalized 30-minute onboarding call to get you up and running as soon as possible.