Always be in the know when it comes to your devices.

Be proactive with real-time monitoring and respond quickly to alerts from devices that need troubleshooting – anywhere you can access a browser.

Level Monitoring & Alerting


Unparalleled endpoint monitoring

Gain a powerful edge with advanced monitoring, designed for agile, informed decision-making. From real-time awareness to fleet-wide oversight, our platform provides a seamless experience, ensuring your IT infrastructure operates at peak efficiency. With flexible alerting and comprehensive health checks, you're equipped to anticipate needs and address issues before they escalate.

Real-time instant awareness

Experience the pulse of your endpoints with real-time monitoring. Set and forget thresholds for instant notifications, ensuring you're always the first to know and react when thresholds are crossed.

Monitor your fleet in moments

Get a comprehensive view of your entire device landscape with just a few clicks. Robust policies offer rapid deployment across thousands of endpoints, delivering insights at unprecedented speed.

Flexible Alerting

Customize when and who alerts are sent to. Whether it's individual team members or a third-party ticketing system, you control the alert flow.

Endpoint health at a glance

Stay on top of your endpoint's wellbeing with a global overview. Assess the status of all endpoints, prioritize actions based on severity, and maintain a bird's-eye view of your infrastructure's health.

Level Device Overview

Access control

Comprehensive endpoint monitoring

Empower your IT management with all-encompassing monitoring. Keep track of your endpoint's health, ensuring peak performance and instant issue resolution. From connection stability to service availability, our real-time monitoring tools provide a robust safety net for all your endpoints.

Connection status

Ensure continuous connectivity with connection monitoring. Instantly detect when endpoints come online or go offline and receive alerts, so you can address network issues before they impact your business operations.

CPU usage

Optimize performance by monitoring CPU usage over time. Level provides real-time analysis of CPU usage, highlighting inefficiencies and potential overloads to prevent downtime and maintain smooth operations.

Memory usage

Guard against system slowdowns by monitoring memory usage. Track memory usage in real-time, receive alerts on high memory consumption, and prevent bottlenecks that could affect user experience.

Disk usage

Prevent storage-related disruptions by monitoring disk usage. Get detailed insights into disk space utilization, foresee potential issues, and plan capacity upgrades with precision.

Process monitoring

Monitor critical processes with Level. Keep an eye on crucial system and application processes, ensuring they're running as expected and troubleshooting any anomalies immediately.

Service monitoring

Maintain service continuity by monitoring service state. Automatically monitor the status of essential services, and initiate corrective actions if a service stops, keeping your systems reliable and efficient.

Script-based monitoring

Tailor your monitoring strategy with Level's Script-Based Monitoring. Create custom scripts to track specific metrics or events that matter most to your IT infrastructure. Whether it's logging intricate system performance details or overseeing bespoke applications, script-based monitoring provides the flexibility to cover all your bases, backed by examples and templates to get you started.

Level Script Based Monitors
Level Automated Remediation

Automated remediation

Transform reactive measures into proactive solutions with Level's Automated Remediation. When anomalies are detected, Level immediately executes pre-defined scripts to correct issues without delay. This not only minimizes downtime but also allows your IT team to focus on innovation rather than firefighting. From resetting services to patching vulnerabilities, Automated Remediation keeps your systems in prime condition, autonomously.

Tag, monitor, and manage with ease

Embrace unparalleled adaptability with tag-based monitors. By simply tagging devices, you unlock a world of agile monitoring policies that are as dynamic as your IT needs. Tag a device with 'Exchange,' for instance, and watch as your customized Exchange monitoring policies are automatically applied. This tagging system means you can swiftly apply robust, lightweight policies across your endpoints, ensuring that critical systems are meticulously overseen with minimal setup time. It's monitoring made smart, scalable, and remarkably flexible.

Level Tag Management