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Week ending

Friday, July 31, 2020

Early Access Release

After months of research and development, planning and prototyping, we are proud to officially announce the release of Level. We are excited to start onboarding our early access customers over the coming months. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect.
  • Cross platform by design, Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • An agent that automatically updates to ensure you always have the latest functionality
  • You have detailed, accurate device information always at your fingertips
  • Outstanding security, always encrypted and always private
  • Bring your whole team

Innovative P2P Connections

By utilizing WebRTC technology, in most cases we can transmit audio, video, and data directly in a peer-to-peer fashion without going through a relay server. This means fast speeds without the latency you often experience. And because of this direct stream between you and the device, security is greatly enhanced.

Remote Control

You can remotely control Windows and Mac devices right from your web browser. You decide how much control to give the remote user in each session. Curtain Mode disables the end-user's screen, keyboard, and mouse so they cannot see you work or interfere. Using Shared Control gives you the opposite effect. You and the remote user can work together on an issue. In View Only mode you can observe the remote device to evaluate any needed actions. And with Absolute Control only you have the ability to control the device.


Designed for IT Professionals and engineered for power users, we're excited to announce that the remote device terminal is now at your finger tips. It feels native. It's fast, and best of all, using split screen you can access the terminal while you are remote controlling the device—all without using the remote device's screen real estate. You can also jump into a standalone terminal session to resolve an issue. There's no need to start a remote control session just to open command prompt. On Windows, you can switch between Command Prompt and PowerShell. And on Mac and Linux you have your native shell right there waiting for you.

File Explorer

You can list hard drives and partitions, browse the remote file system, or upload and download files—all seamlessly within a remote control session using split screen. Or, go ahead and start a standalone file explorer session. File explorer allows you to easily upload an executable to a device so you can run it. It's as easy as drag and drop!


Level will continue to update and enhance our product. We have exciting plans on the horizon, so be sure to checkout our roadmap.

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