Level vs Action1: Compare Your RMM Options

We compare two notable RMM-managed service providers: Level vs Action1. Learn about their various features and limitations.

Jacob Haug

Friday, June 28, 2024

Level vs Action1: Compare Your RMM Options

Choosing the right RMM software is crucial for managing IT systems effectively. An RMM asset management software allows you to manage and track the company's devices in a centralized manner. 

Numerous providers come with various tools depending on the business needs, but some of them stand out.

In this article, we compare two notable RMM-managed service providers: Level and Action1. Learn about their various features and limitations to make the best choice for your business.

Overview of Level and Action1

Let’s get an overview of both platforms. This includes general features and inclusions of each tool.

What is Level?

Level is a widely known remote access solution that is crafted to easily manage various IT departments. Among its notable features are device inventory, centralized management, remote control, and patch management.

What sets Level apart is its ability to be infinitely scalable, the inclusion of automation tools, background management, and API integration.


What is Action1?

Action1 is a cloud-based platform known for its patch management solutions. It provides managers with real-time data uptime, remote desktop accessibility, and automated patch management.

Action1 is likewise known for its highly secure platform configurable quickly. This makes it a great deal for those clients looking for a security premium.


Action1 vs Level: Comparison of Features

Let’s take a closer look at how these two solutions differ in terms of features:

Unattended Access

Level allows IT professionals to manage devices without active user management. This feature is crucial for maintenance and troubleshooting as it ensures minimal disruption to end-users. 

Additionally, the system supports seamless maintenance and troubleshooting. This means less interruption whenever system updates are needed.

In contrast, Action1 supports unattended access but integrates various functions, making it complex for navigation and effective use.

RMM Functionality

Level offers proactive network monitoring, real-time alerting, and comprehensive device management. These features help IT teams monitor performance and manage devices effectively. 

Furthermore, Level constantly checks that all devices are performing optimally. This can help address potential issues early.

Action1 focuses heavily on patch management. This focus limits its RMM functionality, making it less comprehensive. If your organization needs extensive RMM capabilities, you might find Action1 lacking it.

Patch Management

Level automates updates and maintains compliance across all systems. This automation reduces security risks by addressing vulnerabilities promptly. It also simplifies maintenance, allowing IT teams to focus on other responsibilities.

Additionally, Level’s system schedules updates and tracks the progress of software installed throughout, ensuring thorough and efficient patch management. This proactive approach helps maintain high-security standards across all devices​​​.

Action1 excels in patch management, providing detailed control and automation. Among its notable features are custom patch schedules, automated updates, and detailed reporting. This is useful for teams needing comprehensive patch management solutions in their operations.

Pricing and Plans

Level’s pricing starts at $2 per month for every endpoint, with a minimum billing of $20 per month. This is a great price point, considering the number of advanced features that you get. 

There are also no long-term contract locks which makes it ideal for those testing out which platform fits their needs best.

Action1, on the other hand, provides a free plan for 100 endpoints. However, you can’t find more details about the pricing plans on the website and need to request a quote.

Platform Compatibility

Level supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. This wide compatibility ensures seamless integration into diverse IT environments, making Level suitable for organizations with varied operating systems.

In contrast, Action1 faces pain points with limited support for Mac and Linux platforms. This can restrict the effectiveness​​​ of its feature set for users who do not use Windows.

Customer Support and Resources

Level’s support is composed of the software engineers themselves. The support team is known for its expertise and quick response times. 

Additionally, Level provides documentation videos for further learning. Effective support ensures that users can resolve issues quickly without significant interruptions.​​

Action1 offers customer support through multiple channels. However, verified user reviews report slow response times, which delay issue resolution. This slow support is a drawback for those who need to maintain IT systems efficiently.

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Final Verdict

Both Level and Action1 provide RMM solutions. Level software excels in providing a balanced and comprehensive IT management tool. It offers superior customer support, extensive platform compatibility, and efficient RMM functionality.

These strengths are why it has high internal ratings and is a suitable choice for businesses looking for remediation capabilities.

Action1, while strong in patch management and offering a free plan for up to 100 endpoints, faces limitations. These include limited RMM functionality, complexity, and slower customer support. 

For businesses seeking a well-rounded IT management solution, Level is the ideal choice.

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FAQs About Action1 vs Level

Does Action1 offer some type of referral fee?

Action1 offers a Partner Program that allows companies to become their partners. They can earn from different incentives, promotions, and more.

Is there a free trial available for Level?

Yes, Level offers a 14-day free trial with essential features for small businesses or individuals. 

How do the automation capabilities of Level and Action1 differ?

Level includes advanced automation tools for remote control of various IT operations. Action1's automation is mainly focused on its patching system.

How do the pricing models of Level and Action1 affect their value?

Level offers flexible pricing plans that cater to different business sizes and needs. Action1's free plan is beneficial for small-scale operations, but costs can escalate for more advanced features.

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