Choosing Between Level vs NinjaOne: A Comprehensive Comparison

In this article, we'll compare the top platforms recommended for this service, Level and NinjaOne.


Thursday, June 20, 2024

Choosing Between Level vs NinjaOne: A Comprehensive Comparison

Improve your IT infrastructure solutions with a top-tier RMM solution that's built to simplify your operations and amplify productivity.

With top-notch network security and direct device communication, monitoring and management become faster and more private.

In this article, we'll compare the top platforms recommended for this service, Level and NinjaOne. We'll break down how each software works and how their features differ from one another.

Overview of Level and NinjaOne

In this section, we'll take a look at how these software introduce themselves and what features they highlight.

What is Level?

level remote monitoring and management

Level is ideal for IT professionals looking to improve productivity and security to manage endpoints efficiently. Level up your workflow with advanced mobile support, allowing seamless collaboration on the go.

It also provides customized session permissions to reflect your unique needs. Intelligent automation tools handle repetitive tasks and background management on the backend. What's more, an open API unlocks effortless integration with other tools.

What is NinjaOne?


NinjaOne is a comprehensive IT management solution designed to help IT teams with various tasks, such as device monitoring, patch management, and secure remote access. 

Its intuitive interface improves operational efficiency, while automation and centralized control help minimize workloads.

Head-to-Head Features Comparison

Both platforms offer common features, so we provided a head-to-head comparison to differentiate them.

Multi-Device Access

Level allows you to connect your company's devices, such as mobile and desktop. End users can tackle projects on your terms by linking up to desktops, servers, and devices from your local desktops.

NinjaOne also provides the same features for multi-device access. However, it has limited network security for platforms operating on Mac and Linux programs. The platform is not as comprehensive in features set compared to its coverage for Windows devices.

Unattended Access

With Level, you don't have to constantly monitor all your devices. With this feature, devices can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This means freeing up your time for more pressing maintenance tasks.

NinjaOne also provides unattended access. However, it may be a bit more complicated since it integrates RMM with PSA, backups, reporting, and ticketing. This can potentially make it overly complicated, especially for transitioning teams.

Collaboration Tools For Staff

Level allows multiple technicians to connect and manage an endpoint. This allows for a wide range of communication to facilitate effective teamwork.

What sets NinjaOne apart is its seamless integration of ticketing and PSA functions. While it is well-suited for tech-savvy teams, it may present challenges for new users to fully understand.

RMM Functionality

Level's RMM capabilities make it suitable for various business needs. Their feature set includes ongoing monitoring, real-time alerts, and device management for easy accessibility.

With these tools, IT teams can stay one step ahead of system slow-downs and detect potential issues. Level's RMM functionality improves the departments' operational efficiency and reduces downtime, making sure all devices are performing optimally.

NinjaOne likewise offers RMM features. However, it might be a bit too limited in terms of functionality compared to Level. The latter is considered more specialized and is equipped with advanced features. NinjaOne's robust feature set comes with a drawback: it can be overwhelming to configure and manage from the get-go.

Patching Functionality

Level offers a robust patch management system designed to automate the deployment of updates and maintain compliance across all systems. Automatic patch management helps you tackle vulnerabilities and protect your digital network without any worries.

NinjaOne’s patching capabilities, while comprehensive, can be challenging to manage due to the complexity of the platform. The struggle is real for organizations trying to stay on top of patch management. Additional cost for comprehensive patching features is another significant pain point for users.

Pricing and Plans

Level offers a range of pricing plans, including free demos and paid options. Business plans are available for all organization sizes and types. The value for money is generally considered good. They also have flexible options that can be customized according to organizational requirements.

NinjaOne uses a tiered pricing model, meaning users must pay more to access the full suite of features. While the base price may appear attractive, the total cost can quickly increase. Businesses can get stuck in a restrictive contract with NinjaOne, which often ties them down with multi-year contracts.

Platform Compatibility

Level is a platform that comprehensively covers all known operating systems. This includes Windows, macOS, and Linux.

NinjaOne also supports these platforms, but its software has pain points and limited functionality on Mac and Linux compared to Windows. Companies deeply invested in Mac or Linux environments need to factor this into their plans.

Customer Support and Resources

In terms of customer support, Level offers a variety of channels available. They provide phone, email, and live chat with a proven track of fast response times. Their support team is likewise considered an expert in resolving issues that have been raised. They also provide resource materials, including step-by-step tutorials, to assist further in learning.

NinjaOne also has step-by-step tutorials that'll get you started in no time. The platform's complexity and the extensive range of features may make it challenging for users to get effective support. Slow customer support response times are a notable pain point.

customer support

Final Verdict

Both platforms offer extensive features and a balanced approach. These management tools have found their place by offering flexible support to various types of businesses.

Level stands out with its comprehensive features catering to the diverse needs of different business operations. It provides an easy-to-use experience and strong customer support, making it a popular choice.

NinjaOne, though versatile and feature-rich, has some drawbacks. Users have mentioned slow customer support and a difficult learning curve, which can be challenging for newcomers. 

Additionally, its high cost, limited support for Mac and Linux systems, and restrictive multi-year agreements can be significant drawbacks, causing potential users to reconsider their options.

Simplify Your IT Management with Level

Level automation remote management tool

Level allows you to take advantage of modernized remote access, improved automation, and a suite of tools that will elevate your service capabilities. 

Whether you're looking to improve efficiency, strengthen security, or expand your company's devices and service offerings, Level provides the technology to make it happen.

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FAQs About NinjaOne vs. Level

Which software is better for small businesses?

Level is often considered more cost-effective and customizable for small businesses. NinjaOne offers extensive features that may be more suitable for larger organizations with complex needs.

Are there any hidden fees involved?

Level provides fixed costing that is adjustable to the number of users with no hidden fees. NinjaOne’s tiered pricing and multi-year agreements can lead to higher overall costs.

What company offers better customer service?

Level is known to respond for its fast and responsive customer support compared to NinjaOne. The latter is often criticized due to its slow response times and complexity in use.

Level: Simplify IT Management

At Level, we understand the modern challenges faced by IT professionals. That's why we've crafted a robust, browser-based Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform that's as flexible as it is secure. Whether your team operates on Windows, Mac, or Linux, Level equips you with the tools to manage, monitor, and control your company's devices seamlessly from anywhere.

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