Release notes

You need to know when something has been added, changed, or updated in the software you depend on. That's why we write release notes detailing the changes in each and every release.


Monday, May 23, 2022

Patch management and advanced scheduling

Patch management has arrived! One of the most important IT tasks in any organization, patch policies insure that your endpoints and most important organizaton data are safe from serious security risks. Reduce system-related failures and save on costs associated with poor patch management by utilizing our unique tag-based system, our advanced scheduling system, and even the ability to schedule patch installations for offline devices.

With Level's patch management system, you can control device updates on a global level, or choose to install updates on an individual device. Users can view pending updates, choose which updates to download and install manually, and even get the full update history for the life of a device. Currently, Windows is the only support we offer, but expect to see MacOS and Linux support following shortly thereafter.


  • An indicator has been added to show which side of a remote connection is connected peer-to-peer versus relay.
  • Improved table paging, sorting, and searching response time.
  • Improved the accuracy of our disk usage alerting on both Windows and MacOS.


  • Fixed an integration issue with the Windows service manager that was affecting some of our users.
  • Removed the dependency for winmgmt for our Windows implementation.
  • Fixed an integration issue with launchd on MacOS where sometimes the service manager would have issues interacting with a service.


Thursday, March 3, 2022

Firefox support

Firefox users rejoice! We firmly believe in the power of being able to access your devices from anywhere, in any browser. Firefox users make up a substantial percentage of browsers used, so we made sure to add support across our entire application to accommodate. We think we look pretty good running with our independent browser friends!

Remote control notifications

Our world-class security and privacy doesn't just extend to the techs using our app. Now end-users on a device will be informed when a tech from your team has begun a remote access session on the device. We believe it is important to make both users of Level and end-users receiving aid feel comfortable with our product.


  • Alerts can now be set to trigger immediately when a threshold has been met.
  • Remote access clipboard functionality has been improved.
  • Active device groups have been made visually more distinctive.


  • Fixed an issue where monitors were not sorting properly.
  • Fixed disk usage calculation on Macs.


Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Monitoring and alerting

We've added monitoring policies to the Level toolset. Be informed of the status of your devices when you need to be by setting up robust monitoring policies. Using the power of our tagging system, structure and organize policies that work best for you and your team. Policies can be setup to track some of the most critical device health measurements, including CPU usage, memory usage, processes and services, and more.

Once in place, alerts will start to process when a monitor has reached a threshold breach for a duration you specify. This allows you and your team to act quickly, troubleshooting your critical devices as the need arises and staying informed without the need to dig into every machine's details. Talk about a time-saver.


  • Clipboard functionality has been improved and support for large volumes of text have been added.
  • Process management has been expanded to include the process display names and memory usage in MBs. Improvements have been made to the CPU usage calculations and more intelligent methods of enumerating processes in general.
  • Support has been added to remote control for screen savers, now fluidly handled by the agent during a session.


  • Fixed an issue with process management in which processes weren't being ended correctly.
  • The Level agent will now rotate logs to ensure they don't consume too much disk space.


Friday, September 24, 2021

Process management

You can now manage processes running on your endpoints without the need to remote control them. Review CPU and memory usage of your individual processes with live, up-to-date details. View running processes, search for specific processes, and terminate processes—all from behind the scenes.

Service management

What would process management be without service management? Manage services completely without disrupting your end-users. View running and stopped services, search for a specific service to manage, and start, stop, or restart any service as needed. You can even change the startup type as needed.

Quick management access

Being able to manage processes and services through the app is a great experience, but we didn't stop there. Sometimes these actions need to be done while actively controlling a device, and we've made that easy too. Use the quick access sidebar while remote controlling your endpoints to take decisive action on processes and services without disrupting the end-user.


  • Tables have been improved. Sorting data is easier than ever, and the ability to rearrange and resize your columns puts you in control. Curently used in the new processes and services management, expect all tables to receive the same treatment over time.
  • The Manage page for a device has been split out to make the various management functions quickly accessible from anywhere on a device's overview page.
  • Various performance enchantments made across the app and agent... and no, that's not a typo. +3 stamina to all endpoints. 🧙‍♂️


  • The installation process has been made more robust, preventing failed or half-way installs.
  • Fixed an issue where the agent could get in a bad state that blocked program updates.

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