RMM: Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Remote Monitoring and Management Software

The rapid growth of remote monitoring and management has significantly altered the landscape of IT in recent years. IT support used to require a technician looking at a device in person. However, remote monitoring and management software now allow managed service providers (MSPs) and in-house IT personnel to monitor, support, as well as update multiple devices remotely from a single workstation. Remote monitoring and management (RMM) was once a luxury only available to large enterprise companies. However, RMM has grown in popularity amongst small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in recent years.

This software makes it easier for smaller businesses to track the performance of devices across a wide network. With RMM software, businesses and MSPs can simply and effectively increase their network reliability, proactively prevent cyberattacks, as well as prevent system failures.

What is Remote Monitoring and Management Software?

Yet, you are not alone if you are unfamiliar with remote monitoring and management software. RMM is a type of IT software that allows in-house IT personnel and MSPs to monitor a company's devices, endpoints, as well as networks remotely. Remote monitoring and management software (also called network management software) gets installed on all of a company's devices. This software allows IT personnel to remotely monitor the health and status of all devices and servers on a network.

This allows IT teams to identify problems on any device remotely. And quickly fix these issues over a secure connection before the problem escalates. RMM software has then proven extremely beneficial to companies of all sizes. Allowing technicians to quickly access device information from any location and provide support. If your business has yet to take advantage of the benefits network management software can provide, you may want to take a moment to consider doing so this year. Here is a look at just a few of the reasons you should make investing in RMM a priority.

Access to 24/7 Monitoring

RMM software can make things easier for MSPs and businesses alike by providing 24/7 monitoring. This software can monitor a company's IT infrastructure at all times and alert the user to even the slightest change affecting devices within the network. This increases the likelihood that issues can be addressed as soon as they arise before they cause more widespread problems. MSPs and in-house IT personnel can even work together to set thresholds by which alerts will be triggered. Ensuring that this monitoring provides the greatest benefit to users.

This software can also provide detailed reports about the system's current health and performance. This can help users to quickly locate, diagnose, as well as address problems. The continuous monitoring capabilities provided by RMM software can then help companies to be proactive and spot problems and vulnerabilities early. This allows them to take preventative steps to prevent widespread problems and downtime.

Minimize Downtime

One of the greatest benefits of remote monitoring and management software is that its continuous monitoring capabilities can help to prevent costly downtime. Regardless of a company's size or industry, downtime is a serious threat that can lead to losses both in the short and long term. The fact is that unexpected downtime immediately reduces revenue. Many businesses are unable to complete transactions without their IT systems functioning properly.

Additionally, when your systems go down, your employees lose access to all of their data. Including files, emails, and software that they use to perform their jobs. This can lead to significant immediate losses. As every minute your systems are down your employees will be unable to work, and customers will be unable to reach you or complete transactions. In the long term, system-wide outages can cause customers to lose faith in the services you provide. This can damage your reputation and reduce revenue.

While there are many reasons you can lose access to your servers, improper monitoring is a frequent cause. Fortunately, RMM software can be extremely useful in helping to prevent potential downtime. As we previously mentioned, remote monitoring software can help to detect problems early on. This often gives MSPs and IT teams time to address issues and provide solutions to them before these problems have a chance to adversely affect users. RMM software is then an extremely critical tool that can help companies keep their systems running properly.

Improved Security

Security remains a top priority for businesses of all sizes as cyberattacks and data breaches become an ever-increasing reality. Unfortunately, data breaches are an all too real threat. With more than half of small businesses suffering from a data breach in 2019. Companies then have a duty to protect their businesses, and more importantly, their clients', sensitive information. Data breaches can be costly (with the average cyberattack costing \$200,000). But breaches can also adversely affect your reputation, causing you to lose business. This makes it critical that you have the right security measures in place to protect to business from hackers.

This is then another way in which remote monitoring and management software can benefit your business. RMM's continuous monitoring can detect threats and stop them in their tracks. This software receives real-time information about possible intrusions and potential security breaches. And it can protect your network from unauthorized access. RMM software can then prove to be a vital tool in any company's security strategy by making it easier to detect and prevent threats.

Reduce Maintenance

One of the most critical things that any business can do to improve security and prevent downtime is to stay on top of system maintenance. Staying on top of software and operating system updates, patch management, as well as other regular maintenance can help to ensure that your systems receive necessary updates that can prevent costly data breaches and downtime.

Yet, when things get busy, it is easy to forget routine maintenance. This may not always seem like a high priority; however, this can end up being a costly mistake. Luckily RMM software can handle much of the routine maintenance that an IT system requires. This software will continually monitor system health and will perform upgrades at convenient times. This is to ensure that updates are performed in a timely manner without causing any system bottlenecks. This also ensures that your IT systems stay healthy and up-to-date.

Increase Productivity

Another great benefit of RMM software is that it can also help to improve productivity, allowing you to continually grow your business. Remote monitoring and management software can help businesses to streamline the monitoring and maintaining of their IT systems. This allows them to spend more time curating their products and services and grow their customer base. Similarly, MSPs who use RMM software will be able to streamline and automate much of the client-handling process. This automation can improve efficiency and help MSPs better assist their clients. It also increases productivity, allowing them to take on more clients and expand their businesses. This is one of the primary reasons remote monitoring and management has grown so popular in recent years. As it has truly revolutionized how companies and MSPs manage IT.

Reduced Travel Costs

RMM software can also save time and money for businesses and MSPs by reducing the need for IT-related travel. Using RMM software, an MSP or an in-house IT employee will be able to address most issues remotely without needing to travel to a user's location. The technician handling the issue will be able to see everything from their location. And they should be able to handle most problems that arise without moving an inch. This saves time and money by removing the need for travel. It also makes IT more efficient, as problems can be addressed as soon as they arise without the end-user having to wait for a technician to get to their location. In addition to reducing response times, remote access can also help to mitigate disasters. Experienced IT personnel can start working on problems before they have time to spread.

RMM Makes it Easy to Hire Remotely

For many small businesses, it can be a struggle to staff an in-house IT department with experienced IT professionals, particularly when their office is located in a suburban or rural area. Fortunately, remote monitoring and management software makes it possible for you to hire IT staff regardless of their location. Regardless of whether an applicant is in another city or another state, they can monitor and maintain your IT systems from wherever they are.

Now, businesses can hire IT personnel based on experience rather than location. Of course, more small businesses than ever are choosing to outsource their IT needs to an MSP. This ensures that they have access to the latest technology and security strategies while also helping to stabilize IT costs. RMM also makes it easier to choose a qualified MSP. Businesses can now partner with the MSP that will best meet their needs regardless of their location.

Remote monitoring and management software is truly changing the IT landscape by making infrastructure more reliable, faster, as well as more secure while keeping IT costs down. Once only available to large corporations, RMM software is now accessible to companies of all sizes, and investing in this software could truly revolutionize the way you do business. Request a demo to learn more about the reasons why your company should use remote monitoring and management software.

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