Device Management Shouldn't Be So Hard

Level revolutionizes device management by simplifying the addition, search, and categorization of devices with a user-friendly dashboard, enabling direct, middleman-free remote access, and ensuring data privacy and security.

Jacob Haug

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Device Management Shouldn't Be So Hard

For IT teams around the world, device management is cumbersome and annoying. There are hoops to jump through in order to add new devices. Remote access to devices is intrusive and disruptive for the device user. Everything is done through proprietary device management software. Vendor lock-in abounds, and those vendors collect a lot of data about your devices.

Device management shouldn't be so difficult.

Imagine a solution where you can add, search, sort, and categorize devices with a few clicks, from anywhere in the world. Instantly check that devices are operational, up-to-date, and secure from an intuitive, modern dashboard. Best of all, your data is truly yours and you can connect directly to your devices without a middleman.

We built Level to make device management faster, simpler, and safer.

Instantly Search & Filter Devices

Other solutions make device management too complicated. It shouldn't be so hard to find, search, sort, and categorize your devices.

With Level, you can name and group your devices right from the dashboard. Add device nicknames (“Jacob's Macbook”). Check which devices are online. Filter and search by status, operating system, IP range, and even custom tags you add.

Good design is a priority for us because the more intuitive the product is to use, the faster you can find what you're looking for and get valuable work done. Extra time spent searching for device information is time wasted.

Quick Setup & Configuration

Adding a new device to your organization shouldn't be a manual process. Other solutions might make you install and configure devices by hand, wasting valuable IT time and leading to inconsistent configurations across your organization.

With Level, configuring a new device is as easy as registering the device online and running a script to configure it. That's it! Since Level is designed to be cross-platform, it's simple to add a device no matter if it's Windows, Mac, or Linux.

What's more, Level has setup scripts you can deploy across your entire infrastructure to all your existing devices. Easily add shared devices, loaners, on-site servers, and more using Ansible, Group Policy, or Python.

Automating device setup saves you time, yes. More importantly, though, it reduces the risk of manual errors in device configuration. Just another way Level makes device management both simpler and safer.

Connect without a Middleman

Remote access is a key part of device management and maintenance. But other solutions route access through their servers. You shouldn't have to trust a middleman in order to connect to YOUR devices.

The past decade has seen major advancements in peer-to-peer technology. When you use Level to access a device, your data never touches our servers. You have a direct connection to do the necessary work.

Under the hood, Level uses Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE) to find the most direct way for two devices to connect. Using techniques like STUN & TURN, we can connect those devices regardless of location and without poking holes in the firewall.

We love this stuff and could geek out all day about peer-to-peer connections. But the upshot for you is trustless device access. When you're controlling a device, NOTHING touches our servers.

Manage Devices from Anywhere Online

For many teams, device management means using proprietary desktop software. If you need to check on or access a device, you'd need to be on a computer that has the admin software installed.

That's old-fashioned. It's 2020, and you should be able to manage devices online.

Whether you're traveling, diagnosing an urgent problem from home, or working remotely from a coffee shop, with Level you can still access your devices.

Don't Interrupt Users

Too often, maintenance and upgrades mean that users have to give up control of their computers for a few hours. It's terrible for productivity. With modern, multi-processor computers it's also unnecessary in many cases.

Level allows you to run updates and maintenance in the background, without disturbing your users. To be sure, some updates require a system restart, but using Level you can interrupt the user as little as possible.

In fact, Level provides multiple levels of access to your devices. Install scripts and software updates can run in the background. Sometimes you may want to just screen share in order to watch a user do something. Other times, you may need to take over control remotely while investigating an issue. Rarely, in the case of secure installations, updating keyphrases, or checking sensitive data, you may want to prevent the user from seeing the screen or making inputs with the keyboard/mouse.

With Level, you can gain whichever level of access makes sense for the situation.

Device Management that's Enjoyable

It may sound like an oxymoron, but we believe device management software can be a joy to use.

Intuitive design, simple workflows, and levels of access take the cumbersome and annoying parts out of device management. Using Level, you can find a device, connect to it directly, make updates without interrupting the user, and get on with the rest of your day!

Level: Simplify IT Management

At Level, we understand the modern challenges faced by IT professionals. That's why we've crafted a robust, browser-based Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform that's as flexible as it is secure. Whether your team operates on Windows, Mac, or Linux, Level equips you with the tools to manage, monitor, and control your company's devices seamlessly from anywhere.

Ready to revolutionize how your IT team works? Experience the power of managing a thousand devices as effortlessly as one. Start with Level today—sign up for a free trial or book a demo to see Level in action.