Manage your endpoints without controlling them.

Use Level's powerful built-in remote management toolset to diagnose and troubleshoot problems without disrupting the end-user.

Background management interface

The power of the terminal at your fingertips

Nothing is quite as mighty or as flexible as the command line, and now you can utilize that power on any endpoint from any location, completely behind-the-scenes.

Send command line or terminal commands to your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer's command prompt in the background in real-time. Your end users can continue to use their machine as you troubleshoot their device quietly and securely.

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Remotely manage files and folders on the fly

The ability to remotely transfer files is crucial to successful remote support. Level allows you to share files quickly and securely, no matter what operating system is used.

Share as many files as you want with zero limitations. Our technology allows for lightning fast transfer times, regardless of the file size, and can be done both via the remote control interface or in the background through our in-app experience.

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Process and service control, all behind-the-scenes

Constantly monitoring processes and services is crucial to high-quality, timely support and to resolve problems quickly. Level's process and service managers were built to give you a familiar, straightforward feel while giving you intuitive control over any system.

Monitor and obtain complete information on processes and services across all of your endpoints. Execute common commands, such as start, stop, and kill, and save time and resources. It's never been easier.

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Non-disruptive, highly secure, and driven by privacy

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Fully private connections

Peer-to-peer (P2P) guarantees a direct connection with your device with no third-party middleman.

Fully encrypted information

End-to-end encryption keeps all of your monitored device information secure. Always.

Fully reliable remote access

Security isn't an afterthought. It is included at every step, creating an infallible remote access experience.

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