Secure patch management in one easy-to-use platform.

Keep your endpoints performant and protected with streamlined patch management control and automation.

Patching interface

Keep endpoints compliant with automated patch deployment

For organizations with multiple workstations and servers, ensuring that all of them are updated can be both time-consuming and challenging. Even a slight delay installing security updates could put your devices in a vulnerable position.

Achieving compliance and closing vulnerabilities is made easy with Level's patch management solution. Build out patch management profiles that target specific update types. Delay the installation of updates to ensure updates are stable and bug-free. All done from within Level's easy-to-use interface.

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Worry less about security and more about your business

Patch management is productivity at its best. Automatically keeping software up-to-date means you will always keep up with what makes them work better. Reduce the need for your team to waste unnecessary time consistently coming across system bugs or downtime. Free yourself from the routine work of manually patching devices so you and your team can focus on other critical tasks.

You can't control the emergence of security threats, but with Level, you have complete control over your organization's vulnerabilities and how to efficiently manage them.

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Secure endpoints from anywhere swiftly and efficiently

We live in a remote world — a world where employees are increasingly using personal and office devices interchangeably to do their work. Level's patch management solution installs patches across all devices, regardless of their physical location.

If a device is currently not connected to a network and is unreachable, Level's patch management policies will automatically install selected updates the next time the device is seen online. Keep an efficient patching routine, no matter how spread out the devices in your organization get.

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