Always be in the know when it comes to your devices.

Be proactive with real-time monitoring and respond quickly to alerts from devices that need troubleshooting – anywhere you can access a browser.

Monitoring and alerting interface

Organize and monitor an entire fleet of endpoints

Information is critical, and nothing is more important than the health and well-being of the devices you are managing. When something goes wrong, you want to be the first to know.

Put together structured monitoring policies and configure alert triggers to know precisely when an endpoint begins having issues, allowing you to act quickly and efficiently. Quickly assign monitoring policies to the devices through Level's organizational tagging system.

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Monitor what is most important to you and your team

No two endpoints are created equal. Sometimes you need to monitor the basic health of devices, but sometimes they may require being observed with a much more powerful microscope.

No matter how expansive or granular your monitors need to be, Level allows you to keep an eye on them and be alerted quickly when something goes wrong. From CPU usage to individually running processes, always know when your devices aren't running optimally.

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Stay informed of device events happening in real-time

The devil is in the details. Setup multiple monitors for the same task with varying levels of severity and become more proactive than reactive. Auto-run scripts when an endpoint meets an assigned threshold. Assign alerts to one or many teams to make sure the right members of your team receive the right information.

Knowing when your endpoints are struggling the moment it starts happening is pivotal to assessing, responding, and remedying quickly.

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