A dynamic tool to save you countless hours.

Accomplish mundane, remedial tasks across multiple endpoints with ease using Level's powerful scripting engine.

Scripting interface

Save and organize common scripts for quick access

Create dynamic, flexible scripts for any occasion, save them for later use, and run them against your devices at any time. Run scripts on a machine without interrupting the end-user. Create scripts on the fly for one-off executions.

Scripting is essential to working behind-the-scenes on an endpoint. With Level's powerful and easy-to-use scripting engine, you can gain complete control over your most problematic endpoints.

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A simple but powerful script editor to get things done quick

Level's script editor has been kept simple, but that doesn't take away from it's power. We built it from the ground up with the user in mind without all of the overwhelming options.

Multiple script language choices gives you control over what scripts to run and where. A script can even be triggered automatically to remedy a machine having issues.

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View job details and trouble-shoot script errors easily

It's easy to add and remove your endpoints from a pending job. Get detailed information about the job, including total runtime across the devices as well as who created and executed the job.

Sometimes, however, a script doesn't run like you need it to. With our error handling view, quickly find out what went wrong and rerun the script after you make the necessary edits. Problem solved.

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