Our product roadmap

Our Level product direction roadmap is an overview of new benefits we hope to provide for our users in our weekly releases, as well as our long term direction. It is driven by user priorities and may change as those priorities change.

Currently working on

Automated alerting and notifications on device health

Coming up next

Easily manage patches and updates for your devices

Respond to early access user feedback to improve and grow the product

In the future

Install and Uninstall applications across your devices

Manage the startup process and what applications start on boot

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New features added every month

We are always fixing, improving, and updating regularly to keep delivering the best experience possible. We are fully involved, always responding to your suggestions and seeking to be the best we can be.

New feature: Task management

We continue giving you more tools to work on your devices without disrupting the end-user. Our latest release now allows you to manage processes and services while making some much-desired improvements to our interface.

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