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Cybersecurity Basics: Malware Detection On All Your Company's Devices

At Level, many of our engineers come from a security background, and keeping devices secure is our top priority. Whether or not you use…

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Small Business Cybersecurity: How to Get Started

Life as a small business owner involves juggling all kinds of tasks, roles, and relationships. Not surprisingly, some tasks get overlooked…

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The Top Threat to Data Security: Your People

Every month, it seems, we hear about a new data breach at some company. In 2019, over 7.8 billion records were exposed in data breaches, and…

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"Bring Your Own Device" Comes with Security Concerns

A growing trend in IT is employees bringing their own devices for use on the company network. Employees may prefer their personal laptops or…

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Top 7 Cybersecurity Measures Every Business Should Have In Place

As attackers become more savvy and more numerous, the threat of cyberattack grows each year. Today, attackers usually automate most of the…

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The Most Common IT Vulnerabilities in 2020 & How to Stop Them

In a digital world, if you have a white collar job you’re probably using a computer to do the vast majority of your work. The transition…

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Too Small to Hack? Why Device Management Matters for Small & Medium Businesses

No doubt, the biggest advantage of using a device management system is device security. Tracking the endpoints in your network, keeping…

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Trustless: Why All Remote Access Should Be Peer-to-Peer

Remote access is a cornerstone of modern IT support for businesses large and small. When something is going wrong with a user''s device, the…

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